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csv Data1.csv Data3.csv Some HTTP sites require users to use the same password on their computers, as on their Android devices. As a result, many people use the same password everywhere.In other words, if you use a password on any kind of computer, you should do the same on your smartphone. Don’t forget that your phone can also be a computer and access the Internet. When using a password manager on a desktop or laptop, you need to configure your browser to open passwords in a new tab. If you use the password manager on your phone, you should use the same function. But now you are using the same browser on your phone. That means all of your passwords will be in one place. But it is not so safe. The most convenient solution is to use a password manager on the computer and the phone. For more information about the password managers, go to this link: Android has a built-in privacy feature that does not require a password to unlock a device.However, it is necessary to lock your device with a password when you want to wipe the contents of the memory or remove data permanently. Finally, I’d like to share some tips on how to secure your Android device. This is very important, especially in public places.Please refer to the following link: Once you have your password manager set up, you can start entering passwords to your devices. The following list contains some tips to remember when using your phone in public places. - Do not use a smartphone with the same SIM card and a different phone number on different networks. - Do not accept calls or text messages on your smartphone. - Only accept calls from contacts on your phone. - Accept all SMS on your phone. - Use the Do Not Disturb function. - Do not transfer large amounts of data on your phone. - If you use Wi-Fi, choose to protect your connection. - Backup and sync data on a separate computer. - Using a password manager. - Create a strong PIN

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